Private Detective Agency - services for business

Corporate safety

  • establishing persons responsible for thefts and frauds within company
  • comprehensive background checks of newly hired employees
  • establishing employees responsible for in-company thefts and appropriation and those acting to the detriment of the company
  • inspecting the trustworthiness, reliability and criminal past of hired employees
  • inspecting career histories
  • detecting cameras and listening devices

Service quality

  • MYSTERY SHOPPER - discreet inspection of service quality and standards as well as individual approach to clients
  • inspecting the staff’s knowledge concerning products and services or discounts

Cooperation with insurance companies

  • inspecting the credibility of damage claims filed with insurance companies
  • reconstruction of events
  • establishing witnesses

Unlawful use of registered trademarks and brand names

  • collecting information concerning distributed counterfeit products and products labeled with registered trademarks and brand names
  • establishing where counterfeit items were manufactured
  • establishing the persons responsible for counterfeiting goods

Data recovery

  • from laptops, desktop computers, cell phones and mobile data storage devices

Company / business partner reliability analysis

  • minimization of risk associated with conducting business affairs with other companies
  • background check and opinions concerning business partners
  • analysis of business agreements and their consequences, before they are signed
  • verification of the legality of documents and companies
  • locating company property

Cooperation with transportation companies

  • monitoring and securing transported goods
  • protection of goods and property
  • vehicle tracking

Individual and exclusive VIP security services

  • 24/7 personal VIP security services provided by former soldiers of the GROM Special Forces Unit or former Police officers of Anti-Terrorism Squad , equipped with firearms
  • professional, short-term protection of property
  • security services during exclusive meetings and banquets